Sunday, March 8, 2009

Middle Name Pride Day

Apparently, today is "Middle Name Pride Day." Who knew? Fortunately, my middle name is quite normal - "Lynn." Oh, but wait, that's not really my middle name. I don't actually have a middle name. My first name is Jeri-Lynn (which was meant to be one name). So I guess I have nothing to celebrate.

Okay then, I'll celebrate my father's middle name, "Thurman." Now there's a name. His first name is James so he lucked out. His parents, siblings and my cousins weren't so lucky. His father's name was Horatio and his mother's name was Easter Belle. He had a brother named "J" (yes, just the letter). He had three sisters, Wanda, Vinita, and Exie (What kind of name is "Exie" anyway?). Wanda married a guy named Marion and Exie married a guy named "Slim" (which kinda took the sting out of her name). My cousins were Rayfield and his sister Adelya; Claydine and her brother Jody, etc..

Bottom line is that with all the weird names in my family, "Jeri-Lynn" almost sounds like a normal name. I think I'll celebrate that.

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