Monday, March 9, 2009

3-Ingredient Chicken Recipes

Here are my three favorite chicken recipes:

For these three recipes, you can use the chicken leg and thigh (attached) or a boneless breast (preferably skin on): You drizzle the oil over the chicken (or you can "paint" it on with a basting brush), then sprinkle the seasoning. Broil, skin side up until skin bubbles and starts to turn black then lower the heat and cook for about 40 minutes, or until there is no pink juice running out when you pierce it with a knife. Serve with Rice a Roni and your favorite vegetable (I like corn).

Chicken Recipe #1, olive oil, dried tarragon. Broil, then reduce heat to 300

Chicken Recipe #2, olive oil, Knorr’s dry onion soup mix. Bake at 350

Chicken Recipe #3, olive oil, ground dry ginger, dried onion. Broil then reduce heat to 300

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