Friday, May 29, 2009

Pet Names

Jennifer is at it again. Today she started talking about how she wants another dog and what she would call it. A few years ago she wanted a hound dog so she could name it Elvis. Now she wants a lap dog that she can “dress up” and call it Pucci. She already has two dogs: Turbo and Junior, but she hates the name Junior. She says it’s just not right that a songwriter, someone who is so good coming up with the perfect words, has a stupid dog name so she tells people Junior is short for Edmund Von Schnauzer Junior. (She was going to call him "Tyson" because the first day they got him, he bit Turbo's ear - but her husband nixed the name).
For dog number three she is toying with the idea of calling him “good dog” because she thought it would be funny to say “bad, good dog.” Or calling him “Here Boy” and watching him run to everyone in the neighborhood (or park) who’s calling his dog. The pick right now is “Rut Row.”
I told her she was just daring me to write a blog. She said, “I double dog dare you.” So – here it is.


nrthshore said...

How about d o g (dee oh gee).

Jennifer said...

oh how you butcher my already lame sense of humor!

Jennifer said...

Adam came up with the name Junior, mind you. I had absolutely no say in the matter! (Even though he bought ME the dog for Christmas!)

Jennifer said...

p.s. does this mean I have fulfilled my blog reading quota for the year?

Jeri10 said...

No Jen, You vill read das blogs und pretend to like dem or be subject to das smitty smasher.