Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Color of America is Changing

I just ran across an article in U.S.A. Today (dated 5/14/09) which pointed out that 43% of Americans younger than 20 are minorities and 47% of children younger than 5 are minorities (with Hispanics having the highest growth rate).

According to the census bureau, the Hispanic population is growing three times faster than the total U.S. population due to high birth rates and continued high immigration.
Right now, in America, whites are in the majority (65%) -but that is going to change (as early as 2022 - and by 2050, whites will comprise 46% of the population. Again, the fastest growing group among the non-whites is the Hispanic population.

Note to self: In order to protect my own rights as an American in the future, I have to be sure to protect the rights of minorities in general today because it won't be long before I am one!


Salt H2O said...

But don't worry, these illegal immigrants have NOTHING to do with our national deficit, skyrocketing healthcare and education costs- nor California's bankruuptcy.

Jeri10 said...

Good one Kory!

Steve said...

Who says they are all illegal Salty?!?! These studies are usually done with known census numbers and based upon legal immigration trends. Immigration is the only thing that is keeping our country growing. If you take it away, our population will shrink, as too will our economy, and we will become a 2nd tier nation. You can't have it both ways; capitalism requires constant growth.