Thursday, May 21, 2009

American Idol Finale - Season 8

Okay, I got it wrong. Silly me. I predicted Adam Lambert would win, hands down, no contest. However, I forgot to factor in one important thing: Americans rally around underdogs! At this point, it doesn’t really matter who comes in first and who comes in second. Adam Lambert will leave Kris Allen in his dust when it comes to concert tickets sold and number of records sold. Kris Allen’s support is primarily in the U.S., whereas Adam’s is already world-wide (I know this because I track the number of hits that come to my page looking for Adam Lambert’s photo and they are coming from all over the world – including the Czech Republic, Peru, India, Iceland, and other random countries).
Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and see what past seasons have looked like:
Season 1: Kelly Clarkson over Justin Guarini (we got it right – but it took Kelly several years to really take off. )
Season 2: Ruben Studdard over Clay Aiken. Both underdogs. But Clay is making more money than Ruben. However neither one could live up to the title “Idol.”
Season 3: Fantasia over Diana DeGarmo. America got it right – or did they? Fantasia’s light is being extinguished by the fourth (or was it fifth?) runner up: Jennifer Hudson (She made $5 million last year. Carrie Underwood is the only one who beat that).
Season 4: Carrie Underwood over Bo Bice. Duh! Carrie has sold 9.6 million albums and made $14 million dollars last year. (Highest paid idol)
Season 5: Taylor Hicks over Katharine McPhee. Talk about an underdog. Taylor’s fans all switched over to the Season 6 contestant - Sanjaya. Taylor has made the least money (only $300,000 last year) Chris Daughtry on the other hand is rockin’ out and living up to the “Idol” name, even though he didn’t make it to the top three.
Season 6: Jordan sparks over Blake Lewis. Eh. That whole season left me cold.
Season 7: David Cook over David Archuleta . They are both currently doing very well. Time will tell.
Seriously America - Picking Kris over Adam is like picking Pat Boone over Elvis.
Note: As soon as the show ended, I got a phone call from my oldest daughter, Amy. She said, "I'm glad you don't live in a two story house. I'd be calling to talk you off the ledge. Are you okay with Adam Lambert losing?" I just laughed. Actually, being THE American Idol wouldn't really be a good thing for the kind of Rock Star performer he intends to be. He's better off being the runner up. She said, "What was with the 'wings?' " I told her to get used to it. He's going to shock the H. E. double L. out of his fans with his 9" platforms, flaming stages and such. She said, "Are you okay with that?" I said, "Sure. I'm down with it." Then she laughed to hear her 64 year old mother talk about being "down with" platforms, wings, and flaming stages. Just as long as he doesn't come around wanting to date my daughters...and I'm pretty safe in saying that would never happen. So, Adam. Even though I, personally, won't be going to your concerts or buying your records (rock just isn't my thing), I think you are going to rock the world.
"I tink I gonna go over to da couch now. Where da couch? "
(Dean Martin)


Jeri and Amy said...

Mom, I think I need to set the record straight. The interchange actually went a little something like this: *(after I talked mom down off the ledge)
Amy: What the [bleep] is Adam wearing... are those wings???
Jeri: NO, they are very cool. Adam is a rock star, Amy, he pushes the envelope. He even wears 9 inch platforms.
Amy: And you are totally up to date with all of the cutting edge rock star fashions... But I must admit, I am surprised to see you embrace them so fully.
Jeri: I LOVE them! I think his platforms and crazy outfits are totally cool, I always have.
Amy: Since when??? You would never endorse these fashions on anyone else! You are just suffering from OLD (obsessive Lambert disorder)

I must admit, I love the fact that my 60+ mother is obsessed with Adam Lambert. It kills me. You cannot say a bad word about him, his outfits, voice, or song choice or you WILL get your head bitten off. She cannot stop talking about him. Maybe my dad should invest in some metal shoulder pads/wings and 9-inch platforms and rekindle the flame.... (shudder.)

Salt H2O said...

I'm still thinking "Amy watched American Idol?"

Jeri and Amy said...

No, Kory, you know me well. I saw the news right after and there were clips from the show.

Jeri and Amy said...

Update: my mom's newest clutch comment
Jeri: Amy, I read your post and I can see you still don't agree with Adam's cool metal shoulder pads. You just don't understand, he was performing with that group... you know, the ones with the tongues? ...and the make-up?
Amy: you mean Kiss
Jeri: Yeah that's them, Kids. Well he was performing with Kids so he would have looked like a DORK if he hadn't been wearing them.

Best. Comment. Ever.

nrthshore said...

Yes, America votes for the under dog but more than anything, they vote for the non-gay over the gay in the USA.

So if Elvis had been gay, yes, Pat Boone would have won.

No, I didn't watch Amer. Idol but I did know what the out come would have been.

nrthshore said...


That group, "Kids", sure are old. ;)