Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fat Girl Shopping

I'll bet you all can't wait to run out and buy this figure-flattering outfit. Ha! But this is what I found as high-end fashion at Saks Fifth Avenue. Just the jacket is $492 (well, it is actually on sale right now - for "only" $295 - ooooh such a "bargain"). Sorry girls, but these are the kinds of clothes that are waiting for you once you start wearing sizes 14 and up.

My daughters used to give me grief about the clothes I brought home, so one day they decided to take me shopping. When we arrived at the "fat girl" department, they looked around and Jennifer said, "Oh. I see what you mean. Sorry mom."
According to the center for disease control, 34% of American women are "obese." If you take a poll, 62% of American women consider themselves to be "overweight" - So, I ask you (again), why aren't there designers out there seriously designing for the over size 14 crowd?? I say seriously because there are a number of big time designers that are making clothes for plus sizes. But they really don't understand the plus size figure. They think to make something plus size you have to lengthen the jacket and widen the sleeves and that's it. Wrong! All that does is make the plus size woman look bigger! They need to get some plus sized models in and design clothes that look good on them. How hard would that be?
. .
So usually when I say I'm going shopping, what I mean is I'm going "fat girl" shopping - which means I'm looking for shoes, handbags, jewelry, or make up.

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