Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Obama's Budget

Obama's budget triples the national debt. It raises taxes on job creators, and cuts the defense budget dramatically over the next ten years. It is a roadmap for disaster that will bankrupt this country. This is not the change people were hoping for. This is unbelievable growth in government at a time we can afford it the least.

Politicians are saying we must quit looking in the rear view mirror and focus on what's ahead of us. But one glance back might be helpful to the future of this country. I'm talking about the days of Ronald Reagan. He wasn't a genius. What made him successful was picking the right people to run the government. Picking advisors who could help him make smart decisions. When I look at who Obama is choosing for important cabinet positions - it scares me.

I hope for the best, but I'm preparing for the worst. The only people coming out very well here are those who don't pay taxes and don't ever plan on working again.

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