Saturday, November 7, 2009

Jennifer at the Blue Bird Cafe

Here we are at the Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville after Jennifer's performance last night.  Video to be posted soon.  Watch for it.

On the flight home I was reading a book and I ran across the following paragraph about flying – we’ve probably all had these thoughts:

“ When the captain announces we’re beginning our descent, and we’re still pretty high above the city, I’ll think.  If the plane went down now, we would definitely not be okay.  A bit lower, and no, we still wouldn’t be okay. Maybe now, now we might be low enough that if it crashed, we might be okay.” Amy Krouse Rosenthal

She made another observation about travelling that I found thought provoking:

“You Say:                                                        How It Sounds:
I’m going overseas                                          Sounds like you’re going to the Orient, or
                                                                        Somewhere really far away.
I’m going abroad                                            Has junior-year-in-college undertones
I’ll be out of the country                                  Sounds like you’re a spy. Mysterious,
I’m going to Europe                                        Well, la-di-da, good for you. Pretentious
I’m going to France                                        Fine, but compels people to say, ‘I see
                                                                        London, I see France, I see___’s underpants.’”                    
Apparently you can’t win.  I guess you’re not supposed to tell people when you go overseas/abroad/Europe…. ‘cause you’ll tick them off.  So if I ever go again, I’ll just say I’m going on vacation.

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