Thursday, November 19, 2009

What I'm Thankful for

1. Health
2. Eyesight
3. Hearing
4. Speech (I added this one when my sister’s husband had his vocal chords removed due to cancer – I had taken it for granted until then)
5. Husband, children, parents, great son-in-laws, grandchildren
6. Health of family members (husband, children, grandchildren, parents, siblings)
7. Friends
8. Home (not just a beautiful house, but a place everyone enjoys spending time together)
9. Employment (and ability to live on income)
10. Freedom (of Religion, of speech, to pursue individual dreams, free agency, etc.)
11. Living in a peaceful neighborhood (in these days of “drive-by shootings” it’s really a blessing to live in a peaceful neighborhood)
12. The ability to travel (and the fascinating cultures and beauty you find when you do travel)
13. Food (the abundance of it and its variety)
14. Beauty of the earth (sunsets, dawn, trees, flowers, meadows, mountains, rivers, streams, etc.)
15. Memories (What a wonderful gift it is to be able to remember the fun times of our lives.What it we had no memory?)
16. Holidays (great family bonding times)
17. Good books to read
18. Good music to listen to
19. Professions that contribute to the quality of our lives:
20. Authors, poets, musicians, artists
21. Scientists, doctors, surgeons
22. Teachers,
23. Inventions that have improved the quality of our lives
24. Automobiles, airplanes
25. Washing machines, electric dryers, ovens, vacuum cleaners,
26. Telephones, (I’ve added cell phones, ipods, and computers)
27. Recreational facilities for our use: National Parks, Disneyland, Legoland, etc.
28. Resorts, golf courses, tennis
29. Television (My husband added Monday night football)
30. Movies, Videos (I’ve added DVD’s)
31. Live Theatre, Concerts, etc.
32. Talents (not just art, music, and dance – which I love, but the qualities we each have that make us special: Compassion, Ability to negotiate, Thoughtfulness, Being good in a crisis, Patience, Tolerance, Flexibility, Ability to get along well with people, Leadership, Organization, (I’m also grateful for Jennifer’s songwriting talent – I really enjoy listening to her music.)
33. I’m grateful for the callings I’ve had in the church – they’ve made me a better person.
34. I’m grateful for the restoration of the gospel and that we always have a prophet to guide us.
35. And, I’m grateful that there is a God who lives, watches over us, CARES about each one of us and wants to help us with our problems. All we have to do is ASK.

Last, but not least, I'm grateful that I realize all the things I have to be grateful for.

For some ideas of what you can do around your Thanksgiving Table, 
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