Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cafe Rio Style Pork

to serve 6 people:

3 lb. pork shoulder roast (or boneless tenderloin pork roast)
1 cup Pace Picante sauce (medium hot)
2 cups brown sugar

Place in a crock pot and cook 6 to 8 hours (until pork can be "shredded" with two forks.)
(If you like a thicker sauce, don't add the Pace Picante and brown sugar in the beginning. Just cook the roast for about 3 hours, drain off the liquid and THEN add the Pace Picante sauce and brown sugar  - OR, take lid off crock pot and let sauce reduce)

We use this for burritos (Put pork, rice, beans and cheese on a flour torilla and wrap) Yum!

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