Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trust in the Lord

Why doesn't God always answer our prayers?

He DOES always answer our prayers - you just might not be getting the answer you expected. Sometimes the answer is "NO." Sometimes it is "Wait." But we rarely get what we ask for immediately. Usually we have to do OUR part first. There is an old Middle Eastern proverb that says, "Trust in Allah, but tie up your camels."

We have to learn to Trust God. He knows what we want before we even ask for it. He knows all our secret desires. He also knows what is good for us and what is not. He knows that we may not realize what comes with what we are asking for. Sometimes He lets us have it anyway, just so we learn that important principle.

My Grandfather always said, "Be careful what you want, you may get it." (and as I mentioned in one of last year's posts, one of the worst gypsy curses is, "May you get what you want.")

We ask for protection. We'll get it - we may just not realize it.

...When you question God - 'why me?'
....always look at the bigger picture....
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