Friday, January 30, 2009

Super Bowl Menu

Chili (Don’t forget condiments: sour cream, chopped onion, grated cheese, Ketchup)
Cornbread (with honey butter) or garlic bread
Buffalo Wings (make your own or get from your favorite restaurant – like Red Robin)
Ranch or Blue Cheese dip for wings
Celery sticks, carrot sticks
Dip and chips (onion dip and crinkle cut potato chips)
Salsa (or 7-layer bean dip pictured above) and tortilla chips
A bowl of mixed nuts and/or pretzels
(if women will be there, include a green salad)
Dessert: brownies, homemade chocolate chip cookies
Drinks, and lots of them

Have the snack foods on table(s) in front of guests and put the “real” food (and the dessert) on the dining room table.

I usually NEVER use paper plates and paper napkins – but I make an exception for Super Bowl parties (just make sure the plates are STURDY and wont flop with a pile of food on them – when in doubt, use plastic). Be sure to buy paper or plastic BOWLS for the chili. Don’t use plastic utensils. Use your everyday silverware.

Hint: If you didn’t make the chili in a crock pot, transfer it to one and keep it plugged in so the chili is always hot. The wings can be served at room temp.

Decorating: Men don’t care about the decorations – as long as you have good FOOD, they are happy.

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