Sunday, February 15, 2009


I’ve never been a “pet” person. When I was a child, the only animal I was exposed to

was a dog we were babysitting for friends (the poor thing was deaf and blind). When

Amy and Jennifer were old enough to want pets, our yard was too small for a dog so I let

them have hamsters (Kibbles & Bits). But we only had them a few months and gave

them away. Jennifer wanted pets because she had cool names for them. She wanted a

turtle named “fluffy,” and a fish named “bait.” She also wanted a hound dog named

“Elvis” and a small dog named “Pucci.” When we moved to Rancho Santa Fe we finally

got a dog (an orange golden retriever named "Tang"), and cats (Dolce and Gabbana).

We bought a house in Las Vegas and now I’ve got nine Koi fish (of course, I had to

name one of them “Bait”- the others are: The Red Baron, O.J., Goldilocks, Ginger, Ugly Betty,

Batman, Smokey, and Little Nemo) and there is a bronze alligator statue in the swimming pool,

so I call him “Fluffy.”

Left to right: Goldilocks, Ugly Betty, O.J. and the Red Baron

I don't see myself having any pets in the near future.

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