Thursday, April 9, 2015

2015 - Is Anybody still reading blogs?????

A lot has happened in my life since 2011.
I was nursing my dying husband.  He finally passed away in January of 2013 and I had to start a new life.  The first thing I did was try to get myself healthy.  I've never been good at dieting  I tried every diet out there and I'd lose as much as 17 lbs.  then gain it all back within 6 months.  So, my new plan was to only try to lose 2 lbs a month.  I did that by always leaving at least 2 Tlbsp. of food on my plate at every meal.  I also joined a gym and worked out twice a week.  That's it and I lost 35 lbs over the next two years...and since then, I've been maintaining that weight.   

So here I am in 2015 ready to start my new life: 

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