Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year's Resolutions

Yep. I’m ready for the new year. To heck with dieting. I look great just the way I am.
(I never follow through with my resolutions anyway).
This photo is a tackier version of the one that’s been on my binder for the last five years – which is a photo of a kitten looking into a mirror and seeing a lion. Both fit right in with one of my favorite mottos: “You are what you think you are.”

If I had to pick one thing to work on for the year, it would be to eliminate shoulder pads from my wardrobe. I’m tired of my girls telling me I look like a “Dynasty” understudy.
I keep thinking that the “Dynasty” look is so old, it’s bound to come back again (If you are under 40, you probably don’t even know what “Dynasty” is). Mark my words, as soon as I throw out the old, I’ll be pressured into buying new, even bigger shoulder pads.

Seriously though, I do think it is a good thing to set goals, otherwise, you are just a rowboat setting out to sea with no oars. "If you don’t know where you are going, you might end up someplace else" (Yogi Berra said that – no, not Yogi Bear the cartoon character – Yogi Berra the baseball player). I also like what Lily Tomlin said, “I always wanted to be somebody, I just wish I’d been more specific.”

The truth is, if you actually write down a goal, and be specific, and write down what you have to do to achieve that goal (break it down into manageable tasks), you actually have a chance of achieving it.

Okay, just to show you that I’m not a total airhead, I’ll share my real “life” goals with you. They are all about fulfilling my obligations to the best of my ability in each of the various roles I have in life (I wrote these in 1970, shortly after I got married – I was obviously smarter then - and more accommodating ):

As a Woman:
To look as good as I can.
To develop my talents.
To be held in high regard by others.
As a Child of God:
To obey His Commandments and LIVE the principles of the Gospel in order to be worthy of returning to His presence.
To learn more about the Gospel.
To accept callings when extended.
As a Wife:
To look as good as I can.
To create an atmosphere that is pleasing for my husband to come home to.
To be the kind of person he looks forward to and WANTS to be around.
To be devoted, loyal, considerate, loving, faithful, and willing to serve him (did I just say “serve” him?) Heck yes.
To be the kind of person he is PROUD to present as his wife.
As a Mother:
To be a good example to my children.
To be able to raise children who are equipped to live happy successful lives.
To be able to be someone they can count on in crisis.
To BE THERE when they are young and to be there for them when they are grown.
To allow them to become who THEY are, not who I think they should be.
As a Friend:
To keep confidences.
To avoid being judgmental.
To be a good listener.
To be thoughtful and recognize a need without being asked to help.
To MAKE time to get together.
As a member of society:
Help those in need. Join and/or support service organizations
Don’t see “R” or “X” rated movies.
Don’t drink or do drugs.
Respect and obey the law.
Set a good example for others to follow.
Respect the right of others to have their own opinions and make their own choices in life.

So you see, I don’t need to come up with “resolutions” every year. I’ve got plenty to work on to keep me busy the rest of my life. (I probably should start thinking about my new role as an old fart, oops, I mean “Senior Citizen” - hmmm – any suggestions? )How about:
1. Get a hearing aid so I don’t have to keep saying, “eh? What did you say?”
2. Speed up or stay off the freeway.
3. When someone asks, “Hi, how are you?” Just say “fine thank you and you?”
instead of “Getting old isn’t for sissies – I actually fell and couldn’t get up.”
4. Find something else to talk about than my ills, wills, and pills.
5. Arrange for my own funeral so my kids don’t have to. (I’ve already written my eulogy, so I can check that off my list).

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